Toronto Climate Strategy

vision-stickiesThe People’s Climate Movement Canada (PCM) held our own Community Conversation event on May 14, 2016 as part of Transform TO’s public consultations to contribute to building the City’s climate change vision.

Read the our report to the City of Toronto here.

As residents of Toronto, we believe that all our actions matter and that we each have a role to play in addressing climate change. We applaud the City’s efforts to transform Toronto into a healthy, prosperous and equitable city, and we look forward working with the City staff, Councillors and other champions to root this transformative change deep within Toronto’s communities.

PCM_Community_Conversation_Report_19_June_2016_Page_01Our vision sees:people-downtown

  • Toronto as its People
  • Toronto as a Space
  • Toronto as a Model City.


Our vision can be achieved through changes in bike-parking-on-queenstreetcar-snowstorm

  • Energy Use
  • Green Spaces
  • Buildings
  • Transportation
  • Behaviour Change


For more information about the City’s initiative to engage the community in achieving an 80% reduction in Toronto’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, visit Transform TO.



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