Points for NAFTA letters of Concern

Use the points you care most about and add your own comments.
Some suggested wording follows:

As a resident of (your federal riding), I am deeply concerned about NAFTA and its implications for Climate Change Action and environmental protection.

Canada has been sued 38 times under the current NAFTA agreement, and many have been environment related.

Environmental issues have been conspicuously absent from government & media discussion. If the government allows trade deals to trump measures to fight climate change, it will not be free to make decisions in the public interest and the interest of human life on our planet.

Unless climate and environment are addressed directly in the body of NAFTA, the ability of our government to meet our minimal  Paris Climate agreement commitments will be compromised.

Other points:

I believe the Canadian government should set the following priorities for NAFTA renegotiation:

  1. Eliminate Chapter 11 investment provisions that allow corporations to sue governments over public interest laws or policies that might affect future corporate profits. Chapter 11 puts environmental policy, especially measures to curb climate change, in danger of lawsuits that would prevent new government policies or regulation. It impacts control of natural resources – especially the energy supplies and water of Canada and Mexico
  2. Protect water by explicitly removing it as a tradeable good, service or investment. We cannot leave our water vulnerable to bulk exports or privatization.
  3. Free Canada from the energy proportionality clause that locks us into supplying the U.S. with oil quotas that are destroying our environment and restricting real action on climate change.
  4. Ensure that procurement regulations do not restrict local and provincial purchasers from supporting local economies by mandating local purchases and contracts.



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