Trade Deals – Ask Why?


Why do “trade” agreements matter?

The People’s Climate Movement (PCM) believes that international trade agreements need deeper scrutiny. Based on Canada’s experience with NAFTA and other agreements, we believe that new agreements will profoundly impact Canadian society.  Current agreements already impact many aspects of life in Canada, including jobs, economic development, health care, environmental protection, food sovereignty and Indigenous rights.

We are deeply concerned that provisions within the current generation of international agreements will impede the ability of governments to take decisive action on climate change and make good on commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They include dispute settlement processes (ISDS) that allow multinational companies to sue national governments if their potential profits are threatened by government policies.

Trade deals matter because, like climate change, they are global.  They control how economic activity is carried out around the world, with all of its impacts on green-house gas emissions. Yet they are being written with no regard for climate change.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), now being renegotiated, pays lip service to climate and environmental concerns, but without public pressure, that’s all it will be.
PCM supports the Open Statement on NAFTA, Environment and Climate, signed by over 40 environmental, labour and other civil society groups.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership was put on hold, by U. S. president, Donald Trump. But even if the February 2018 ratification deadline passes, the TPP still poses a risk. The deals hammered out in years of secretive negotiations (until Wikileaks released them), by representatives mainly from multi-national U.S. corporations, have not disappeared. Many are being incorporated in NAFTA renegotiation and in the Trade In Services Agreement (TISA.)

NAFTA-AskWhy-100x100PCM developed the Ask Why? Campaign to help Canadians and our political representatives understand the implications of the TPP but the questions apply to NAFTA and other “trade” agreements as well.


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