Why 1.5 Degrees?

The international community has established 1.5 degrees Celsius as the upper limit for global temperature rise. Scientists have warned that if we go beyond 1.5 to 2 degrees, we may face accelerated climate change with catastrophic consequences for life on earth.

This figure became a critical target to guide climate policy at the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris.

We’re already experiencing huge impacts due to climate change from just a 0.8 degree Celsius temperature rise since the industrial revolution. We really don’t want to see this increased to 1.5 degrees, or more.

We’re already dangerously close to missing this target – the “window of opportunity” is closing. At the same time, our society is still very dependent on fossil fuels and we need time to transition to cleaner energy sources.

By reducing emissions right now, we can slow down global temperature rise and shape the change ahead of us – but if we wait too long, we will lose this possibility.



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