Climate Wake-up Call from Canada’s Climate Commissioner

The Canadian Government has a long way to go to cope with climate change and keep GHG reduction promises.

Just how far was set out clearly in a report presented on October 4th by Julie Gelfand,  Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development at Office of the Auditor General of Canada

In an audit that ended June 2017, she assessed the federal government for:

  1. preparedness for the results of climate change
  2. reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

What did she find?

On GHG reduction

“Since 1992, Canada has developed multiple plans to cut emissions and made four international targets to do so but has never come close to meeting a single one. In fact, emissions have gone up more than 15% since then.”

On Climate Preparedness

“The federal government is not prepared to deal with the impacts of climate change that we are all feeling right now,” Only five of the 19 departments she looked at have even figured out where the risks are from climate change, let alone how best to deal with them.

Commissioner Gelfand says stronger leadership is needed to move beyond ‘endless planning mode’

See video of Gelfand on CBC:

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