NAFTA Update

For Canada to do our part to curb climate change and cope with changes we are already seeing, Canadians will have to engage on all levels. The federal government, the provinces, cities and individuals must all be involved.
The People’s Climate Movement believes that our actions can make a difference, and that we each have a role to play in addressing climate change.


Our current campaigns focus on:

      • Toronto Climate Strategy
        The People’s Climate Movement supports Climate action for a healthy, equitable, prosperous Toronto.
        PCM Toronto Residents are active in the TransformTO process to create a climate change vision and plan for Toronto to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050. We invite you to join our #TransformTO #TOgether social media campaign.
      • Ontario’s Energy Plan
        The People’s Climate Movement supports the call for Ontario to move to 100% Renewable Energy by 2050.
      • Canada’s Climate Plan
        The People’s Climate Movement calls upon the Government of Canada
        1) to develop a clear national action plan with targets to reduce carbon emissions, reflecting Canada’s fair share of global emissions, in line with stabilizing the rise in global average temperatures to below 1.5°C.
        2) to look at international commitments through the lens of climate and ensure that they are consistent with Canada’s goals.
      • “Trade” Deals
        The People’s Climate Movement (PCM) believes that international trade agreements need deeper scrutiny. Trade agreements already impact many aspects of Canadian society including jobs, economic development, health care, environmental protection, food sovereignty and Indigenous rights. We are asking Canadians to learn more about the potential impact of trade agreements currently being negotiated and to ask why our government is pursuing them. See NAFTA through a climate lens here.
        PCM supports the Open Statement on NAFTA, Environment and Climate, signed by over 40 environmental, labour and other civil society groups.
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Climate Wake-up Call from Canada’s Climate Commissioner

The Canadian Government has a long way to go to cope with climate change and keep GHG reduction promises. Just how far was set out clearly in a report presented on October 4th by Julie Gelfand,  Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development at Office of the Auditor General of...

2017 Toronto Climate Film Festival brings “Beyond Crisis” to Toronto

Beyond Crisis A story of hope in a rapidly changing world affected by climate change. An inspiring call to action, told by over 50 unique voices across Canada and the world. A new film by Toronto filmmaker Kai Reimer-Watts. Watch the Trailer at the Film Website The film premieres in Toronto with...

Open Statement on NAFTA, Environment and Climate

Since the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed more than two decades ago, our awareness of climate change has dramatically changed and our window of time for addressing it has shortened. NAFTA and other agreements that are part of the global trade regime have been used to...

NAFTA: Is Canada missing the point?

Will the “Right to Regulate” protect the planet from more greenhouse gas emissions? Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said Friday NAFTA will not be used as a vehicle to stop Canada from protecting its environment and Canada is pushing for strong environmental standards in the...


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